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Friday 15 July 2011


How It Works

Every month, I choose a theme, cookery book or cuisine, and have a group of readers of The London Foodie come to my home to cook, eat a delicious meal, drink and talk. I distribute a suggested menu a week or so prior to the event, the participants choose their dishes and I e-mail out all recipes. Each person contributes a dish and accompanying bottle of wine. There are no fees to pay.


I thoroughly enjoy these evenings as they are proving to be a great meeting place for those who stumble upon this blog and who are passionate about cooking and good wine. As much as I like eating out and finding some of the London gems I write about, I also love cooking and this was primarily the reason why I started The London Foodie.

Our next London Cooking Club evening will be on:

30th July 2011 - "Lebanon" - Recipes from the fantastic cookbook by Greg and Lucy Malouf  "Saha - A Chef's Journey Through Lebanon and Syria". The evening will be held at a secret location in Greenwich, and below is the delicious menu that our members will be cooking.

Courgette and Mint Fritters
Hummus with Spiced Marinated Lamb and Pine Nuts
Muhammara - Red Pepper, Walnut and Pomegranate Dip
Chicken Livers in Za'Atar and Parmesan Crumbs with Yoghurt, Tarragon, Cucumber Salad
Ma'hani - Spicy Lebanese Sausages with Pine Nuts
Mushroom Stuffed Vine Leaves with Herbs
Zghorta-Style Kibbeh Patties Stuffed with Cinnamon and Pine-Nut Butter

Golden Chicken Soup with Coriander, Garlic and Parsley

Confit Salmon Tarator with Coriander, Walnuts and Tahini Sauce
Lamb Shawarma - Roast Leg of Lamb in Spicy Marinade
(Served with Herb Salad, Tahini Yogurt Sauce and Arabic Flat Bread)

Lebanese Nut Rice

Watermelon and Rosewater Sorbet and Barazek*
(*Crunchy Sesame-Pistachio Biscuits)

We will also be tasting the 2004 Chateau Musar which has just been released. Chateau Musar, the top Lebanese vineyard, has kindly offered a case of wine for this event. You can read more about Chateau Musar wines here.

Other Future Dates:

20th August 2011 - "Barbecue Time!" - London Cooking Club members will bring their own favourite recipes to be shared on the barbie at Gill's beautiful home in Mill Hill. The event will kick off from 3pm.

24th September 2011 - "Canadian Cuisine by London Foodie" - It is double-trouble at the London Cooking Club as I join forces with the delightful London Foodie of Buckingham Palate  (@londonfoodie - Canadian Journalist and Foodie Extraordinaire) for an evening of Canadian food and wines.

22nd October 2011 - "Sichuan Cooking" - Hosted by Joshua of Cooking the Books, a  connoisseur and accomplished cook of Oriental cuisines, we will be cooking recipes from our food hero, the magnificent Fuchsia Dunlop.

19th November 2011 - "Burma by Mimi" - Hosted by British-Burmese food blogger Mimi of Meemalee's Kitchen, and co-founder of Grazing Asia Supper Club, Mimi will be presenting us her native Burmese cuisine.

10th December 2011 - "An Italian Christmas" - Hosted by Gina (@Gigi_nav) and Italian food blogger Fede Rilli http://twitter.com/#!/federilli), Italophiles and resident experts on their home cuisine.

If you would like to learn more about these and past events, please take a look at the London Cooking Club page on this blog. If you would like to take part in one of these evenings, please contact me on luizhara@hotmail.com using LONDON COOKING CLUB in the subject line. There are no fees to participate in any of the London Cooking Club events.


  1. What a mouth-watering selection for that menu! Of course, now I have hunt out & look at that book before a perfunctory struggle in which I attempt to dissuade myself from buying yet another book for which I don't have the room.

  2. I cannot wait to join on of these evenings!

  3. That is a great looking menu. I was in Beirut a few years ago fell in love with the food.


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