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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Grazing Asia - The Asian Supper Club Launches at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant Test Kitchens

Grazing Asia, a collaboration of four food bloggers from different Asian backgrounds, launched in June 2011 at the test kitchens of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant. May (Slow Food Kitchen), Mimi  (Meemalee's Kitchen), Uyen (Love Leluu) and I have joined forces to start Grazing Asia, a new supper club concept in London.

We bring our culinary heritage - Malaysian, Burmese, Vietnamese and Japanese to the tables of Grazing Asia, doing what we love doing best - feeding our friends!

All proceeds from our launch event were donated to charity, and with no financial gains for anyone, we just wanted to have fun!

For our first gig, we were joined by Jamie's website editor Danny McCubbin, Joe Gray (Fifteen Graduate), Jai and Emma (Fifteen Apprentices) who helped us greatly and without them we could not have raised £1,290 for the Jamie Oliver Foundation.

I have great admiration for the three ladies of Grazing Asia and feel privileged to be part of such a team. I was lucky to be invited to Mimi's for a Burmese feast during the run-up to her successful supper club event at Mat Follas' Wild Garlic restaurant last year, and was completely blown away by her native cuisine. Having eaten numerous times at Uyen's fantastic supper club Fernandez & Leluu (reviewed here), and tried May's delicious cooking during "Malaysian by May" at the London Cooking Club earlier in the year (read here) I knew I was in for a treat.

For our launch event, we all cooked one dish from our specialist cuisines as follows:

Tuna Tataki (Seared Tuna) with Japanese Yuzu Ponzu and Sesame Dressing
By The London Foodie

Spicy Burmese Fishball Salad aka Nga-pè Thoh(k)
By Meemalee’s Kitchen

Baked Crispy Pork Belly with Banh Cuon, Pickled and Fried Shallots with Vietnamese Cured Ham, Thai Basil and Coriander
By Leluu

Malaysian Curry Laksa
By Slow Food Kitchen

Green Tea Panna Cotta with Summer Berries
By Fifteen

A big thanks to all our food and wine sponsors:

Japan Centre
Wai Yee Hong Supermarket (and thanks for the beautiful crockery too!)
Fin & Flounder
Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen
Naked Wines

A very special Thanks to Paul Winch-Furness who kindly photographed the event waiving his entire fee to support us and the Jamie Oliver Foundation. Unless otherwise stated, all photographs in this post are Paul's. Paul is one of the best food photographers in the UK, and you can see more of his stunning photography on his website here.

Our first event was by invitation only - I would like to thank everyone who turned up on the day for their kind support and donations. All future Grazing Asia events will be open to the public - to learn more, follow us on Twitter (@grazingasia) or join our mailing list at www.grazingasia.com.

You can read some of the excellent write-ups of our launch event at:

The Skinny Bib


  1. Congratulations you guys it looked like it was an AMAZING event! Food, people, everything - you all look fabulous x

  2. Looks absolutely stunning. I will definitely be coming to the next one!

  3. Wonderful post & pictures - who would have thought 18 months ago we would be doing this together when we first met. Can't wait for the upcoming ones : )

  4. Lovely post and thanks for the link to my review.
    Looking forward to have more Pan Asian food love. Well done. Rx

  5. Oh wow. What wonderful event. The food looks stunning. Would love to come to the next one.

  6. So sad I missed it - the food looks AMAZING! I'm definitely coming to the next one.. x

  7. Yay, such a lovely record of a lovely day!

  8. @ Catty - thanks Catty, hope you can come to the next one, or maybe cook at the next one?!!

    @ Julianna - I hope so too Juliana, it would be lovely to feed you.

    @ Leluu - me too, me too!

    @ Rosana - thanks Ro for your lovely review, I should be the one thanking you.

    @ Michael Toa - Hey Michael, please sign up at our grazing asia site to be informed of future dates, hope to see you soon at one of our events.

    @ Missimmy - I will hold you to it, sad you were not there on the day, you were missed!

    @ Meemalee - and what a lovely comment! :0)

  9. I just signed up and I look forward to future events :)

  10. A little behind the curve but I just found your blog on this event. I am a Londoner living and blogging in Bangkok (www.mango-ginger.blogspot.com). Definitely hope I manage to make it to events like this while I'm home visitng!


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