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I have always been interested in wine and used to go to the Dulwich Wine Society for a few years whilst living in South London. Lately, having decided to learn more about it and in a more structured way, I completed the Advanced Certificate Course of the Wine Spirit and Education Trust (WSET).

Just as bad wine can completely ruin a good meal, good wine can make an otherwise fairly ordinary one into something memorable. My aim is to learn about drinking better (appreciating the good stuff, avoiding the bad stuff), doing it responsibly and more enjoyably. Pairing a good bottle of wine with the food I cook or eat is also high on my list.

Some of The London Foodie's (and contributors') wine writing can be seen below.

Matching Japanese Food & Wine - written for the Real Wine Fair (May 2012)

Food and Wine Matching Masterclass at Corrigan's Mayfair

The London Foodie Goes to France - Beaune

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