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Thursday 7 April 2011

"Fancy Reviewing a London Restaurant with The London Foodie?"

As you may have read in this blog in March 2011, I decided to update my restaurant reviews by having your feedback added to the published posts. To make it fun and to thank you for your help, I will be taking a reader who has submitted their feedback each month for a joint review as my guest.
I will be publishing all the feedback I have received and will be announcing the reader who was randomly selected for the month's dinner via random.org each month in The London Foodie.
In the month of March 2011, I had eight reviews updated by six readers which are listed below in chronological order. The more feedback a reader sends in, the more chances he/she will have to be picked. I am pleased to announce that this month's reader who will be accompanying me to a joint restaurant review is Tiffany M (3rd entry out of 8).

Tiffany M.
1. Cucina Cinzia

4. Tempo

Katrina C.

Benjamin J.

Jo K.

Marie WS.



I would like to take one reader of The London Foodie every month for a joint review as my guest.


1. I have been thinking about how to keep the restaurant reviews up-to-date on my site.

2. Being invited to review some of the restaurants I write about makes me question sometimes whether readers are getting as good a service or food as I do.

3. A great opportunity to meet some of my readers and give something back for your support.


1. If you decide to visit a restaurant previously reviewed by me, let the restaurant know you heard about them through The London Foodie when you make your booking.

2. E-mail me some feedback on your experience (a paragraph or two) and I will, with your permission, update my restaurant review with your thoughts.

3. Every month I will randomly pick one reader who has sent me some feedback to accompany me for aFREE meal at one of my restaurant reviews. 


  1. London seems to be the Parradise for Food, Art and Culture.Food is a very beautiful aspect of it.As I am also a foodie.I like it.


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