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Thursday 14 October 2010

Brazilian TV Interview - A Gastronomia de Londres

TV Record - "Passaporte Hoje em Dia"

I was interviewed by Cris Flores, presenter of "Passaporte Hoje em Dia" of the Brazilian channel "TV Record" in London, and had the pleasure of introducing her to one of my favourite London Supper Clubs - Fernandez and Leluu.

The feature was called "A Gastronomia de Londres" and was organised by Mitsi Goulias, the PR manager for Visit Britain in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Despite being incredibly nervous, it was a lot of fun meeting Cris - we filmed for about 6 hours for a 9-minute feature, and I was amazed to see how natural and engaging Cris was even when we had to repeat the same scene 3 or 4 times.

The programme was aired in Brazil in October 10 and you can watch it below in Portuguese.

Many thanks to Mitsi of Visit Britain, Cris and her fun crew, and to Uyen and Simon for the wonderful food, and for being the perfect hosts as always.


  1. Well done Luiz. I didn't understand a word but the important thing is that you looked GREAT!!

  2. Congrats, Luiz! I too have no idea what you're all saying but you do look fab! And it looks like they were filming in fantastic weather!

    I love the way they presented the menu for Simon and Uyen's meal!

  3. FANTASTIC! You're a natural born movie star, Luiz! x

  4. @ CeeCee - thanks Charmaine, had about 20 mins to get ready before they arrived as it was a Friday early evening.

    @ Su-Lin - thanks my dear, I was so nervous and stuttering every other word.

    @ Greedy Diva - ha ha, doubt it somehow, but thanks anyway Carly!

  5. Adorei te conhecer no video!

  6. Hi Luiz, tudo bem? Encontrei o seu site procurando atividades para os meus alunos. Eu dou aula de BR Portugues aqui em Londres.
    Super bacana a entrevista! Adorei e vou usar com os meus alunos.

    Estou a procura de um espaco para trabalhar com lingua e culinaria. Se vc souber de alguem ou tiver interesse de fazer parte de um projeto - please do contact me. Paula Jarvis: 077 3870 8362
    Website: http://www.languagerepublic.co.uk/index.html

    Muito sucesso pra vc!

    Hope to hear from you soon.



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